Get the most out of your conservatory this summer!

It’s that time of year again…..the perfect time to escape the remainder of your house and camp out in your very own pride and joy, your recently constructed conservatory! 

But wait, what’s that? There’s grubby streaks and traces of algae all the way along your conservatory’s formerly beautiful glass roof. 

Not a good look for any time of year, but a real downer for those precious summer months when you’re keen to get the most out of your beloved conservatory space. 

That’s where Prestige Window Cleaners come in!

Your friendly and reliable local window cleaning service that can be called upon to keep your conservatory immaculately streak-free and algae-free all year round – meaning you’ll have no concerns about not being summer-ready when it’s time to wheel out that barbecue again! 

I use a water-fed pole system which has been specially developed to clean your glass to a brilliant finish, using filtered water for a streak-free shine. The pure water is filtered and flows harmlessly away, without leaving any marks or water spots. No soap, detergents or harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment are used.

What’s more, the water-fed pole system I use extends by up to 40 feet – meaning I can comfortably (and safely) reach all those tricky corners on your conservatory’s roof. 

Which is why I’m keen to help out as many of you as I can – so you can all enjoy a pristine, gleaming conservatory all summer. And all year round too!

Starting this week, with 25% off your first conservatory clean!

So to get the most out of your conservatory this summer, call 07791 964 204 for a free, no obligation quote today!