About Us

Prestige Window Cleaners is a small family-run East Sussex-based business owned by myself, Alan Andrews. I’ve been in the window cleaning business for over 10 years now and am a trusted, reliable service provider living in the Hastings area.


I use a water-fed pole system which has been specially developed to clean your glass to a brilliant finish, using filtered water for a streak-free shine. The pure water is filtered and flows harmlessly away, without leaving any marks or water spots. I don’t use any soap, detergents or chemicals which could potentially harm the environment.

What’s more, I work from the ground level only. This method of window cleaning protects the privacy of those inside the building on the upper floors, and also means that large or high or awkwardly situated areas of window glass are cleaned quickly and efficiently – thereby reducing the time, and therefore the cost to you!

As the owner of Prestige Window Cleaners, I also manage a small team of window cleaners across Kent and East Sussex who all work to the same high standard using water-fed pole systems – so wherever you’re based you can be sure of the same professional service.


If you’d like to get in touch for a free no obligation quote, then please call: 07791964204 or email me at alan@sussexprestigewindowcleaners.co.uk